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In a recent statement published by the American Sleep Association, bruxism, or the chronic grinding of teeth, was reported to affect over 10% of the nation. From jaw damage, to loosened teeth and muscle tension in the face, chronic bruxism can lead to a wide range of issues if left untreated. At Hills Park Dental, your experienced Deer Park dentist provides comprehensive oral examinations, checking for bruxism, and any other issues which may affect your oral health. Committed to remaining current with the most leading-edge techniques, technology and research, the professionals at Hills Park Dental offer the highest quality oral care. When it comes to treatment for bruxism, countless patients have benefited from the use of a customized set of night guards.

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The most common symptoms of bruxism include sore teeth, jaws, and facial muscles. Your Deer Park dentist may examine your mouth to check for more specific signs. In cases where patients have malocclusions or dysfunctional bite, additional wear and strain to the jaws and facial muscles can develop. Bruxism usually tends to occur during your sleeping hours, however it can also happen during the day. Although stress and anxiety are believed to be the primary underlying causes, no one knows for certain why bruxism occurs, nor how to completely cure it. Your dentist can, however, effectively treat most grinding habits with a customized pair of night guards. By comfortably keeping your jaws slightly apart while you sleep, night guards eliminate the wear and strain. If you believe you may be suffering from bruxism, seeing your dentist for an evaluation early on is an excellent idea.

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